The John Overly Rec. Park is closed until further notice !

  Andover Village Phone # 440-293-4747

  Non Emergency Police Dept. # 440-293-4555

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 Andover Police are monitoring ATVs 

 Ohio State Campgrounds are open ! 

  Unquestionable Taste  

 Uncompromising Quality

  Why are we forgetting Andover's History ?

 Step forward and Save Andover's History


 Train Station - Gone !

 Could Have been Andover Museum


 Andover School - Gone !

 People of Andover & Township  voted no to Community Center 

 President U.S. Grant & First Lady Julia 1868

 Vice President Schuyler Colfax & Second First Lady Ellen  1868

  Andover, Ohio

  Ellen Maria Colfax 

  Second First Lady of The United States of America-1868

 You can call in the day before and order for pick up the next day. Just call  440-293-1200

 We are "OPEN" to serve our customers

 Village Bulletin Board 


 Andover Area 911 Services are Available ! 

 Why Andover and Ashtabula County is so affordable !  

 A Welcome from Andover, Ohio 

         On behalf of the Andover Village Council, we welcome you to the Village - a city described as vibrant, progressive, and focused on quality of life!  We are pleased to help you as you get acquainted with the Village and the many services and opportunities.

         The Village is a distinct community of families, business leaders, and professionals who enjoy life to the fullest in a backdrop that combines natural beauty and careful planning.  From the unspoiled beauty of a quiet country meadow to the fishing of Pymatuning Lake, to traditional subdivisions, to world class business environments, the Village has it all. 

         The members of the Andover Village Council appreciate and expect a safe environment, beautiful settings, and opportunities for recreation and leisure time activities.   

         The Andover Village Council has placed a high priority on communication with our residents and businesses. 

         Our Website is designed to make information about Andover Village and our services more readily available to our residents and visitors alike.  Though our Website cannot replace a handshake or a smile, it will tell you our quality of life story. 

         Whether you are new to the Village, a longtime resident, or have just stopped by for a visit, we hope that you will find our Website helpful and enjoyable.  We also hope that you will find your visit an informative one.  We welcome your comments and suggestions. 


 Message from EL Presidente Warner ! 

  Make sure you don't forget your canes and an extra pair of Depends. Yeah, we are not getting any younger. Seriously, lets all get together and have a good time.   Yours Truly , Sheila & Bill 


 Information for the people of Andover   


     Your Opportunity   Awaits   !   

  Corner of St.Rt.6 & Chestnut St. 


 Ashtabula County


 2020 Campaign

  Shared Vision

  A Community Blueprint

 Approved by Andover Council & Mayor:


 Andover Grocery & State Spirits Store  


  Book Keeping & Tax Services



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   Shop  Local ! 

  On Andover Public Square  

 Early Spring  Sales !  

 Visit Our Showroom !

  90 Public Square

 Order Your Quarter & Half Beef Now ! 

 Piper's are Open Call for orders 440-293-7170

  & Tire

 Andover , Ohio

 South Main St. 440-293-9916


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 Cleveland's Best Coverage of Our Area !   

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 Why we live in Ashtabula County

 Pymatuning Valley !

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Andover Village on northeast corner where Bakery on the Square  is today 

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If Andover's Web Page Business listing has missed any businesses in the Village or Andover Township please e-mail us with your name and phone number

  More and more people are making Andover their summer home with our affordable housing !

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