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   134 Maple Street Andover, Ohio  44003  

public park andover.heic

 Beautiful Andover Public Square !

 Andover,Ohio  -  1883

  Andover Mayor

       Lillian Brooke         440-293-4747

  Andover Village Secretary 

       Julianne Shetler      440-293-4747

  Andover Village Administrator

      Richard W. Mead       440-293-4747

 Andover Village Solicitor

       Christopher Newcomb - 440-293-4747

 Andover Village Chief of Police

Andover Village Fiscal Officer

       Patricia Hale           440-293-4747

  Andover Village Zoning Inspector

       Lara Reibold          440-293-4747

  Zoning Inspector Hours: Tuesday-Noon to 4 pm. & Thursday - 8 Noon.

    Our Village Zoning inspector is responsible for enforcing property zoning regulations and requirements on behalf of the Village of Andover 

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