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   Additional Facts 

    Andover Village has lost between 400 to 700 Jobs with plant closings along with their tax revenue to our village.

    When Annexation is completed Andover Village residents will not be stuck paying for water and sewer system upgrades for Township properties that receive water or sewer utilities. Everyone will pay the same.

    Andover Village can not expand and grow past the existing Township residents and businesses that receive village water or sewer. These properties currently block the Village growth east, west and south until the properties are annexed.

    Andover Village bought Holiday Camplands Water Co. as a separate entity. By law the Village can not charge the Village tax payers for the cost of owning and operating Camplands Water. Only the people of Holiday Camplands pay the Village for owning and operating Holiday Camplands Water.

     Andover Township owns the Public Park within the Village owned Square.

    Andover Village residents and Businesses  pay property taxes to Andover Township. Your taxes are shown on your County real estate taxes each year.

    Andover Township residents and businesses do not pay any property taxes to Andover Village.

   Andover Village real estate tax rate is within only 0.2 mills of the Township rates. Business-Commercial rates are actually lower in the Village.

    The Pymatuning Valley School District budget will not increase with annexation. The School District budget will receive about $8,000.00 a year when the 40% surcharge ( drinking water rate only ) is eliminated with annexation. The surcharge is currently being paid by the tax payers of the Pymatuning Valley School District.

      Retired Village residents do not pay Village income taxes on retirement income.

     Yes, all employees of the Pymatuning School District will pay 1.5% on income taxes with annexation. The 1.5% income tax is the same for everyone in the Andover Village that receives Water,Sewer,and Police Protection that is only minutes away from our school instead of 15-20 minutes from the County Sheriffs Dept. The Ashtabula County Sheriffs Dept. has the current jurisdiction over Pymatuning Valley Schools.

  Do Not Get Your Facts From Social Media !

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