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Andover Mayors Court


The Village of Andover has established a Mayors Court that is presided over by Mayor Lillian M. Brooke. Court dates are held on a Tuesday at 5 PM in the Council Room located at 134 Maple Ave, Andover Ohio 44003, see the link for this years court schedule.


Andover Mayors Court clerk Beth Swartz or her designee can be reached during normal business hours at 440-293-4747 fax 440-293-4878 or email:          


Andover Mayors court hear uncontested village ordinance misdemeanor / traffic cases, you may have an attorney represent you but it is not required. During the proceeding the complaint will be read to you and a plea will be required. Not Guilty plea, the case will be transferred to the Ashtabula Eastern County Court for trial. Guilty and No Contest plea can be accepted and a opportunity to state any facts, requests or statements will be heard before sentencing is imposed by the Mayor. Requests for a Stay to Pay ( payment plan ) can be made at this time.


Most minor misdemeanor and traffic cases can be disposed of before your court date by paying the fine / costs by cashiers check, money order or credit / debit card, we take payments by credit / debit card over the phone as a convenience.


Failure to appear or payments made will result in a warrant / drivers license suspension and a block on vehicle registrations. The charge will have to be disposed of along with any additional fees before any release is issued to the BMV.


Motion for a continuance needs to be made in writing and either dropped off or faxed to the clerk before 3 PM the Friday before your court date. You will then be notified of your new court date.

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