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 Andover Union Cemetery Board 

   134 Maple Avenue

     P.O. Box 591

    Andover, Ohio 44003

  Phone: (440) 293-4747      -       Fax: (440) 293-4878

          There are three (3) Cemeteries under the jurisdiction of the Andover Union Cemetery Board. The Maple Grove Cemetery and the Congregational Cemetery are both located in the Village Andover  while the West Andover Cemetery is located in West Andover.

     The Andover Union Cemetery Board meets every 4th Thursday at 1:00 p.m. of each month at the Andover Village Hall, 134 Maple Street. 

Board Members

Dave Roberts             (440) 645-0166   

William French          (440) 645-8278   

Margo Hornyak          (440) 293-6495    


Fiscal Officer

Rita Gordon                 (440) 293-6019


Rita Gordon                  (440) 293-6019   

General Information

Purchase Lot / spaces..................Contact Sexton

Purchase Foundation....................Contact Sexton

  Tree, Bushes or Shrub Removal...Contact Sexton

Planting and Decorating Regulations are posted inside the display cases. A copy of these Regulations can be obtained by contacting the Sexton.

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