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 The Showplace Event Center

     Repurposing A Historic Building in Andover and giving us Elegance!

 On Andover's Historic - 33 Public Square

Showtime 1 A.jpeg

 33 Public Square

 Wedding Receptions

 Book Now !

 Showplace Event Center is owned by Lynn Niemi: Phone -(440-293 7104)

 For information call: 440-293-7104 

 The Grand Entrance ! 

 Music Fund Raisers

 Christmas Party

   View from 2nd level toward          Dance floor and Stage

 Anniversary Party

 Birthday Parties

 Entry to Kitchen,Pantry & Serving Area

 Intimate Dining Area

 In front of Kitchen & Pantry

 and Intimate Dining Area

 Dinner Fund Raisers

 Community or Company Meetings


 Showplace Recent Dusty Boots Riding Club !

 More Event pictures at the bottom !



 Kitchen, Serving Entrance

 A Kitchen and Food Preparation Area That Your Caterer Will Love !

 Crafting & Art Shows

 Baby Showers

 Graduation Open House Celebration 

 Dance Floor in Front of Stage 

  The Grand Staircase down from 3rd level Balcony

 Special lighting effects option

   Stairs leading to Balcony and two Dressing Chambers !


 The Grand Staircase ! 

 Inside Dressing Chambers

 Beautiful & Quaint !

 Jewelry Party

 Your High School Prom

 Murder Mystery Dinner Fund Raisers

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