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         Yes Its    Free !

    Pymatuning Area Chamber of Commerce Presents : 

  People in The Park ! 

  Andover Public Square, Bandstand  

  All Shows on Saturday Except One

 We Will Pass The Hat For The Entertainers

 2023 music schedule

  Mike Trott & Eric Legenzoff

              May 26 - 7pm

        July 21st- 7pm

                June 2nd- 7pm

          July 28th - 7pm

 Friday evening !

           June 23rd- 7pm

         June 16th - 7pm

  Chris Denem

 Friday Aug. 5 th

 Remember Then : Doo- Wop !

 REMINDER : Friday Evening

      August 18th - 7pm

               June 30th - 7pm

      August 26th - 7pm

  Saturday Evening on Andover Public Square 

  People In The Park 

              July 7th - 7pm

           July 14th - 7pm

  Melissa Harvey 

 Remember Then !

  Doo Wop

 Dan Schall Ministries


     September 1st - 7pm

 From Hadley PA

 of Andover, Ohio

  Jim Felix Sounds of Elvis

  From Pittsburgh PA

 The Everly Sisters - 40s Music

  From Erie PA

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Andover, People in The Park

   Stephan Ault   

  Pymatuning Valley Jazz Band !

  Pymatuning Show Choir !

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