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 Andover Village Good Neighbor Program !  

 Keeping Andover Village  Clean and Beautiful !  

       Andover Village will start implementing stronger zoning ordinances to correct Village Properties that are neglected and unmaintained.

 list address, no name needed

 Anonymous Form 

 Mail to: Andover Village, Zoning

  134 Maple Street  P.O. Box 1267

  Andover, Ohio 44003

  Or : Deposit at Village Hall Drop Box at door

   The Good Neighbor Program was started from an idea by Rick Orahood in 2017 to help clean up our village neglected properties . Village Council supported this program. We have been very happy with the results. Check out the pics at the bottom.

  Zoning Inspector will investigate  

  Keep your yard maintained

   Fines can be applied at Mayor's Court for not Complying with Village Ordinances ! 

      When your property looks like this you devalue your home and other homes around you.  Definition:                 ( Bad Neighbor )  Andover's Zoning inspector will be contacting you.

     Andover Village provides spring clean-up every May behind the Village Hall ( 134 Maple St. ) Please use this opportunity to keep your property clean. If you are handicapped and need help call two weeks in advance at: (440-293-4747)

     Dates for Village Clean-up will be Pubished on on Bulletin Board

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