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 Andover Village Good Neighbor Program !  

 Keeping Andover Village  Clean and Beautiful !  

       Andover Village will start implementing stronger zoning ordinances to correct Village Properties that are neglected and unmaintained.

 list address, no name needed

 Anonymous Form 

 Mail to: Andover Village, Zoning

  134 Maple Street  P.O. Box 1267

  Andover, Ohio 44003

  Or : Deposit at Village Hall Drop Box at door

  Zoning Inspector will investigate  

  Keep your yard maintained

   Fines can be applied at Mayor's Court for not Complying with Village Ordinances ! 

      When your property looks like this you devalue your home and other homes around you.  Definition:                 ( Bad Neighbor )  Andover's Zoning inspector will be contacting you.

     Andover Village provides spring clean-up every May behind the Village Hall ( 134 Maple St. ) Please use this opportunity to keep your property clean. If you are handicapped and need help call two weeks in advance at: (440-293-4747)

     Dates for Village Clean-up will be Pubished on on Bulletin Board

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